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How we can help

We help organizations fulfill their dreams and ambitions. Our expertise lies in agile web development, usability engineering and agile project management. We focus on rapid progress and remaining open to change; we do what works in the real world.

Your startup

We can develop your MVP or help you direct its development yourself. Through user research we can make sure your product stays on the right track. Our goal is to help you move rapidly towards a scalable business model.

Your IT department

We can augment your development team to create high quality web applications. We can also help you implement agile development processes that fit your business, or step in to resolve crises and get things back on track.

Web development

  • High traffic websites
  • System integration
  • Mobile web apps
  • Web services
  • Process automation

User experience

  • Usability studies
  • User research
  • User interface design
  • Information architecture
  • Website analysis

Interim management

  • Lead development
  • Process improvement
  • Quality management
  • IT service management
  • Crisis management

Why us

Business value first

We only develop features that explicitly create value for our customers. We maintain a thorough understanding of the customer's business and priorities at all times.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are confident in our ability to deliver quality. All our software comes with a one year guarantee. Up to a year after the software is delivered, any defects are fixed without charge.

Rapid implementation

The best way to test a possible solution is to experience it as working software. Together with customers we define high level requirements early on and then immediately move to implementation.

Embracing change

In most software projects, the scope changes as development progresses. We welcome this by rapidly delivering features for the customer's review as soon as they are ready. Adjustments are inexpensive to make when done early.

Full service agency

Our customers only have to concern themselves with how a project creates value for their business. We'll bring in all expertise or infrastucture needed to create that value.

Customers are part of the team

We're sure that customer feedback is essential to quality and communicate continuously to stay the course. We are completely transparent about how we work.

How we work

Over the years we have found that there are two main risks in software development. The first and most obvious is not getting it done. The second, and most often overlooked, is to build the wrong thing.

Our approach features rapid software development and frequent customer collaboration to mitigate these risks. We deliver new business value as early as possible and as frequent as possible.

Set up

We gain a deep understanding of the business needs and set project requirements that formulate those needs. We set up the development infrastructure and bring in the team.


We iterate over biweekly sprints in which we rapidly create software piece by piece for immediate feedback. We can change course if necessary before moving on to the next sprint.

Wrap up

Once all requirements have been met and business needs fulfilled, we set up the final production infrastructure and arrange fitting SLAs for long term service and support.

Our values

These guiding principles are the foundation of what we do. They define us, inspire us, give meaning to our work and inform every aspect of our company. Although our methods may change, these principles will not.

Customer first

We create long-term partnerships with our customers. We always look to exceed their expectations. Our products explicitly create value for both users and customers.

No bullshit

We embrace candor and transparency. We are honest with both ourselves and our customers. Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Great work

We are passionate about doing the best work we can do. We love creating well-crafted software that makes people happy. We inspire our industry to do the same.

Improve constantly

There is always room for improvement. We embrace change for constant evolution and innovation in everything we do. We push the limit of what's possible.

Embrace challenges

We welcome challenges to go beyond current conventions and achieve what others think impossible. We are the change we want to see.

Trust and integrity

We are committed to earning the trust and respect of our customers and community. We seek win-win solutions for everybody involved.


No challenge is too big when we work together. Everybody acts for the good of the whole. Personal success is realized through team achievements.

Our team

Frank van den Brink

Frank van den Brink

I'm responsible for the development process. I make sure we build awesome web apps that make our clients happy.

I've been working in the web development industry for more than a decade. I appreciate tech innovation, simple things that cause big changes, and lean thinkers and builders.

When I'm not building awesome stuff, I play video games, browse the web, read books, write articles, and enjoy times with family and friends.

When you need to get things done, I'm your guy.

Katya Moroz

Katya Moroz

I'm an advocate of users, their needs and their likes. I'm responsible for ensuring top notch user experience and usability.

I've worked as a usability analyst and engineer in projects of all kinds. With a major in Culturology and a journalistic background I focus on the human factor of our products.

I love exploring how people and technology interact.

In my free time I enjoy science fiction, riding as far as I can on my bicycle and sleeping in. I also love new exciting experiences, chocolate candies, and my strange sweet family.


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